The horror of reality that we ignore”


A strange sanatorium invites the reader to let himself be drowned in a sea of insanity


The book Santa Lunna Mea is more than a linear story about a hospital full of patients, it is organized as a series of narratives that intertwine to give the protagonist an understanding of his own lucidity, a sanatorium brings together characters completely detached from society as we know it, and who, by a skill of the narrator, invite us to witness the origin of their madness, the journey is as tormenting as it is fascinating, and the emotional triggers that this reading can awaken are undeniable, not being recommended to most people, raw manifestations of violence that would be, literally, forbidden to be replicated in this text, traumas and repulsion that are taken to their extremes, in so many ways that we feel swallowed by a spiral of insanity as Vladmir, the protagonist, enter that institution.


A descent into the abyss of minds

The author involves a psychological terror that evokes aversion to reality as it is presented to us, works with the resignification of traumatic events, confabulation, developing alternative memories for events difficult to accept, immersing us in this new universe in which the characters, in most Sometimes they are so immersed that they cannot see the limit between lucidity and madness.


No secret is hidden in the eyes

Vladmir Horguer is a man who doesn’t recognize himself, and is forced to walk the long way from an old asylum, confronting the worst and best versions of his inmates to discover the truth about himself, a journey of trauma, acceptance and violence.


A warning about reading

Santa Lunna Mea is a book of the Psychological Horror genre and is available in physical and digital versions, containing texts that cause horror, not recommended for children under eighteen. ATTENTION! THIS WORK CONTAINS: EXTREME AND UNJUSTIFIED VIOLENCE, DESCRIPTIONS THAT GENERATE DISGUSTING AND REPULSION, EXPLICIT SEXUAL THEMES, AND OFFENSIVE EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS.


PAGES: 180
PRINTING: Black and White (Avena / Pollen Paper)
COVER: Matte, with ear
SIZE: 14.8 x 21 cm
WEIGHT: 0.245532 kg
VERSIONS: Physical and Digital
ISBN: 978-65-00-30371-1
AUTHOR: Theago Liddell



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